Brittany Golden Ballwin Explains Why High Standards are So Important in Pet Grooming

Brittany Golden St Louis

October 12, 2020

Brittany Golden St Louis

Brittany Golden of Missouri Discusses Pet Grooming Standards to Help Pet Owners Choose a Reputable Groomer

Pet grooming is much more about bathing. It’s about the proper grooming that goes into the needs of each individual breed. High standards in grooming should be a given – though not all groomers have them. Master groomer Brittany Golden Ballwin identifies why high standards are critical when having dogs and cats groomed.

Particularly as it pertains to dog breeds, every breed has individual aspects that make them unique. Understanding the grooming responsibilities of each breed will ensure that they get the care that they need, Brittany Golden St Louis‘ explains. For example, English Bulldogs may not need to have their hair trimmed, but they may need to have animal glands expressed. Meanwhile, a grooming appointment for a poodle may focus more heavily on trimming hair than anything else.

Many states issue safety standards and a checklist for groomers. This ensures that they are not only meeting hygiene protocols but also cleaning and disinfecting responsibilities. Brittany Golden St Louis‘ identifies that high standards continue to move on beyond what states require.

Brittany Golden Ballwin explains that it is possible to receive national certification as a “Master Groomer.” In order to receive the certification, it involves written exams that focus on such things as K-9 Academy, breed standards, and more.

The National Dog Grooming Association of America was established in 1969 as a way to establish industry standardization. Brittany Golden St Louis‘ identifies that not all dog grooming programs have a nationally standardized curriculum. School-based certification does not provide certification from the NDGAA — which means that people may receive training on how to be a dog groomer without necessarily being a Master groomer.

Brittany Golden St Louis‘ discusses the benefits of board certification as a Master groomer. It allows groomers to improve their technique, polished skills, and be able to provide premier services to clients. Brittany Golden Ballwin explains that many clients who have specific show-quality breeds want to make sure that a groomer is not only master groomer certified but also has experience working within a particular breed. It ensures that their pet is taken care of through hygiene as well as receiving a breed-appropriate cut.

Brittany Golden Ballwin explains that receiving master groomer certification helps to elevate a groomer within their field. She is proud to have the certification and believes that it is vital to have. People can choose to get board-certified immediately following graduation or attend various workshops and lectures after being involved in a career for a while.

While some groomers are successful without having the certification, Brittany Golden St Louis‘ urges all pet owners to identify whether a groomer is nationally certified or not. She believes that it will make it easier to choose a groomer who can uphold the highest level of standards.